Are you looking for a professional service for your vehicle?


In Our Service we undertake maintenance and repair of electric scooters, normal bicycles.

Warranty service:

Brand-independent service: 

Rules that protect you.

• Reception

Tell us in detail what faults and mistakes you have experienced on your scooter. We will all record it on a worksheet, which, in case of a specific error (e.g.: flat tire) our service worker will also indicate the expected repair costs. If necessary, we will document the roller's condition with a photograph on receipt (e.g.: damaged, broken parts and accessories).

•  Offer

In case of a hidden defect or complex repair after finding the fault, our service employee will send a detailed offer of the expected costs, which includes the price of the necessary parts and the labor fee. In case you accept and request the repair please confirm this by sending a reply. We will not start the repair until you send the reply.

• Repair

Our colleague will indicate the completion of the repair at the given contact details and when you can take over your scooter that is now working flawlessly.

• Handover

Our service colleague will inform you about the details of the repair, you can visually inspect the removed, defective parts or even take them with you.
It is important that before you take your scooter try it out! If it works in accordance with your expectations, justify this on the takeover worksheet. This is in the well-understood interest of all of us to avoid later misunderstandings.

• Because we are cool

All scooters brought in for repair (if you request the repair) will be returned clean and no extra fee will be charged. This does not mean that you should bring it in muddy to the neck.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

• Can I wait the repair out?

There are repairs, e.g. a flat tire, that can be remedied in a relatively short period of time, in such and similar cases, you can wait. In this regard, we will inform you during the reception.

Can I wait in the workshop?

Not in the workshop, because it is dangerous, and you are holding up our colleague, thus delaying the completion of the repair. While you wait, there is a convenience store nearby where you can have a coffee or a slushee, but you can also walk down to the bank of Bükkös-patak, it will be a spectacular walk. In the meantime, we will be doing our job so that you can take your beloved scooter back as soon as possible.

• If I do not ask for repairs, do I still have to pay?

Yes, you have to pay the labor fee for error detection and determination, we will also inform you about this during reception.

• How much does the repair cost?

You can find out about the most common repairs under the "Bicycle service" or "E-scooter service" pictures on the top of the page, in other cases the quotation sent by us is the authoritative.